Balancing Act Sculpture Trail

Faith Bebbington

17th November 2016 - 03rd December 2016
Faith Bebbington

Sited in various locations across the city, Faith Bebbington has created a new series of sculptures of figures falling down.

Beautiful and poignant, Faith’s work will be visible throughout the festival, defying gravity and creating a wonderful spectacle.

Faith’s sculptural practice stems from having cerebral palsy. “As a child wearing calipers, having my leg in plaster for months, wearing special shoes and years of visiting doctors were experiences that made me particularly conscious of my own and other people’s physical movements.”

“Undergoing years of physiotherapy meant thinking about how I moved my body, being aware of the sequences required to create a movement, and then repeating those movements over and over again. So I began to create sculpture that explores subtle actions many people take for granted, such as being able to balance and simple coordinated movements such as walking.”

Visit Faith’s website for more of her amazing work:

Audio Described and Touch Tours will be available. 

William Brown Street
L3 8EW
Telephone: 0151 233 3069
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