Winda Karunadhita


A Balinese woman with shoulder length black hair who is using a wheelchair and wears a red top and lipstick. Next to her are two colourful paintings

"I am a Balinese painter living in Singaraja, Bali. 

I have been paralyzed since the age of 7 years due to a genetic disorder of muscular dystrophy. I am self-taught in the world of painting. My painting ideas tell about the environment, flora and fauna nature. I am active in national exhibitions and painting auctions for charity."

Pen Pals

Winda Karunadhita is among the fantastic cohort of international artists selected for our British Council-supported 'Pen Pals' project. Experience her paintings produced over the course of the experience below, or click here to read her full cohort's reflections on it.


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DaDaFest International Summer contributions:

Painting of dancers in bright traditional clothing, surrounded by musicians and happy onlookers of all ages in an outdoor, leafy setting

Painting of two dancers in traditional dress, one holding a yellow flower and the other a long scarf. Behind them is a flowery red and yellow background

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