Winda Satya


I am a Balinese painter living in Singaraja, Bali. 

I have been paralyzed since the age of 7 years due to a genetic disorder of muscular dystrophy. I am self-taught in the world of painting. My painting ideas tell about the environment, flora and fauna nature. I am active in national exhibitions and painting auctions for charity. 

Organisation : 

2020-Now : Artist in Jogja Disability Arts, Yogyakarta 


2019 charity exhibition titled you can change the world with PT.varash Saddan archipelago 

- exhibition at the art center with the Bali Flower Foundation. 

- charity solo exhibition entitled Struggle to break through the chaos of life in Bekasi with the caring metropolitan foundation. 

- exhibition with Kadin Bali. 

2020 virtual exhibition with Jogja disability arts, entitled peace in chaos 

- Virtual disability day exhibition organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs. 

2021 virtual exhibition Rimarupa Biennale at international level organized by Jogja disability arts 

- a national virtual exhibition entitled art women and the pandemic organized by the Bandung art garage 

- Collaboration of Indonesian and UK artist murals in Connection Trough Culture, British Council 

2023 virtual exhibition of performances and exhibitions of special expressions for the archipelago. 

- Mural collaboration with Disability Mural, Cardiff, Wales, UK and Jogja Disability Arts, Yogyakarta, ID

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