Shaun Fallows


A Caucasian man speaking into a microphone. He has light brown hair, uses a wheelchair and wears a blue hoodie

A working class poet born with Cerebral Palsy and a wheelchair user with a firm belief that his disability has given more than it has taken away. Poetry ranges from the frustrations of everyday access issues, to travel, dating, and growing up. His poems and stories are quirky whilst told with a zest for life and honest dry sense of humour. Shaun has had several poetry books published and has appeared on TV and radio. 

Pen Pals

Shaun Fallows is among the fantastic cohort of international artists selected for our British Council-supported 'Pen Pals' project. Experience both his collaborative and individual contributions to the resulting DaDaFest International 2022 digital showcase here:

DDFI Pen Pals showcase: Hana, Pelemo & Shaun's groupchat 

DDFI Pen Pals showcase: Hana Madness x Shaun Fallows collab

DDFI Pen Pals showcase: Poems by Shuan Fallows


Shaun's previous appearances include:

  • Channel 5 News Battling Barriers 10.9.2018 
  • Interviewed as a disability activist talking about poetry as future path and a job 
  • BBC Radio Manchester with Mike Sweeny 4.8.2020 
  • Interviewed as a disability activist talking about the lack of exercise provision for disabilities during lockdowns and the Covid pandemic 
  • The Old Courts Arts Centre Scratch Night
  • Performed at open mic nights throughout the North West and more recently, internationally via Zoom. 


Rent Party Show -by acclaimed choreographer and director, Darren Pritchard (Mother of the House of Flava, House of Ghetto) 

Big Feast festival, Stoke On Trent, with fellow poet, Louise Fazakerly 

Solo show, 'The Shaun Show', commissioned by Unlimited. Directed and dramaturgy by Jackie Hagan. 

2022 Performances: 

· Bright Club - The Kings Arms Salford 26.4.22 

· PBH Free Fringe Edinburgh solo show, Sunny And Chair 7-12 August 22 

· Stoke On Trent Big Feast Festival with Odd Socks Collective 27-29 August 22 

· Wigan Annual Diggers Festival 10.9.22 Song And Story Stage 

Teaching experience supported by Healthy Arts. Leading a creative writing session for young people with behavioural issues.

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