Reetu Jain


Reetu Jain is a certified Therapeutic Movement Facilitator and an Indian American dancer/choreographer who has trained and performed internationally for over 25 years. Her dance repertoire includes Indian classical & folk, Bollywood, Ugandan folk, American Tribal Style belly dance and Flamenco. She was a founding member of the Urban Gypsy tribal belly dance troupe in Texas and has instructed classes and performed around the US, India, Singapore, China and other countries, including a performance in a Bollywood film with legendary Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah.

As a therapeutic movement facilitator, Reetu has co-developed a gender curriculum focusing on bridging gender gaps and addressing gender and sexuality related topics and issues through innovative movement and discussion-based workshops. She has primarily worked with underserved adolescents and the transgender (hijra) community by creating an open and safe platform for self-discovery, dialogue and expression. She was selected as an ADTA Talks’ speaker at the American Dance Therapy Association’s 50th Annual Conference held in Oct 2015. As Co-Founder of the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI), Reetu strives to make this medium accessible to all, so everyone has the opportunity to experience and benefit from the deep and perpetual power of movement.

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