Project O with Charlotte Cooper & Kay Hyatt


Project O (founded 2011) is the performative fruits of conversations between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small. The collaboration aims to comment on the fallout from being black, mixed and female, making visible positions of otherness so that they will eventually no longer seem 'other'. It is a project that tries to talk about, and make visible, the awkward stuff of everyday oppression and to move on from this. Project O is continually trying to find different formats for presenting the intimacy and urgency of their politics, and to have a wider conversation.

Charlotte Cooper is one of the architects of Fat Studies, an interdisciplinary field and her book, Fat & Proud: The Politics of Size is widely taught. She blogs about fat at Obesity Timebomb. She has been
publishing zines for 25 years, producing grassroots events, online projects and performance. Her films have been selected for screening at festivals. Charlotte ’ s new book “ Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement ” was published by HammerOn Press in January 2016. Charlotte runs her own psychotherapy practice and has lived in Stratford, E15 for 20 years.

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Kay Hyatt lives in Forest Gate and is a social worker. In her professional life, she takes a special interest in social work education, working as a practice teacher and in Human Rights issues, especially in relation to adults with impaired mental capacity at risk of institutional abuse. Outside of work, she performs as the other half of the Queercore band Homosexual Death Drive with her girlfriend Dr Charlotte Cooper. She is also an active fat activist, having put on major activist events like the Big Bum Jumble, a fashion show and jumble sale for fat people in 2010 and co‐organising the Fattylympics in 2012. Kay organised the Weigh In, as social space for fat people, fat activists and allies that met once a month for a year between 2012‐2013.

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