Oyesanaya Olubunmi Ayaoge


A stylized, kaleidoscopic-type painting of a guitarist in blue, green, pink and yellow tones

Oyesanaya Olubunmi Ayaoge, Mixed media visual artists Born in Lagos in the late 70's, a native of lsara Remo in Ogun State, Nigeria. A product of Painting and General Art department of federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. 

Pen Pals

Oyesanaya Olubunmi Ayaoge (Or Bunmi as fondly called by many)  is among the fantastic cohort of international artists selected for our British Council-supported 'Pen Pals' project. Experience her paintings produced over the course of the experience below, or click here to find out about her full cohort.


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More about the artist:

A versatile and enigmatic female artist, highly passionate about issues that surrounds women or female gender. A great reflection in her past and present works. 

Consistency, creativity and diligence are the symbols of her breath - taking and kaleidoscopic trademark style of art which reflects Naturalism, colourist impression, Realism, Elongation, Distortion and Stylization. 

A multi- media artist, effectively handling several mediums passionately such as oils, Acrylics, Pastels, water colour, Gouache, Mixed -Media, Pen and Ink. 

She has participated in several exhibitions and workshops and has won several recognitions and awards locally and internationally. She was recently awarded UNESCO Art ambassador, 2021. 

Her painting titled "SCOURGE" was used as a face of a campaign in Belgium to protest against female genital mutilation in 2008. 

"My everyday personal experience birthed my dynamic ideas which are nurtured into the next transformation of painting called stylization which is my present aesthetic representation. 

I have interest in human development, family, couture, theological virtue, culture and politics." 

Her most recent discovery is the digital art which is the representation of altered photographs and each piece of her work tells it's own unique story and forms could also be different from one another. 

Enthusiastic about exhibitions in her school days, 'Bunmi lent her voice through paintings to the yearning of an enable platform for women practicing art in her country using different platform alongside other professionals for women's art development which has given rise to the Female Artists Association of Nigeria. ( FEAAN ). 

A co- founder of Multi-media foundation of Artists, a member of Society for Nigerian Artists (SNA), Auchi Heritage and a curator.

DaDaFest International Summer contributions:

A fiery, distorted-style painting of a figure using a wheelchair. She attempts to insert a vote into a ballot box whilst disembodied hands grasp at her and try to stop her.

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