Nicola Smith

Nicola looks through a transparent blue plate holding the plate with a black leather glove, she looks dreamily off screen.

Nicola has been making performances for over a decade, specialising this more recently as a Makaton Friendly Performer supported by Arts Council England and a-n Artist Bursary 2019-2020.

Nicola says: "With Makaton you talk and gesture, making performance inclusive for children, people with communication difficulties and families. I make performances with people and have worked with neurodiverse children at Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry, Manchester Art Gallery, Z-arts and special educational needs schools in Manchester."  

"My performances involve movement, music, dress-up, sensory materials, special effects, gesture, speech, words and pictograms. My solo and group creative process uses access and interpretation mechanisms for dialogue, to challenge stereotypes and signal in performances inclusively for people. I am influenced by my everyday life being a neurodivergent artist, mother, child-led play and my performer/facilitator roles making visible the cultural contribution of the artist and the participant."  

Additional collaborators on this commission will be:

Kevin French, a dancer who works across choreography, dance and live art 

Dancer, model and TripleC co-director, Monique Jarrett

The collaborative 'Another Adele' who work together to develop live art installations, performances and actions.

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