Maral Mamaghanizadeh


An Iranian woman with voluminous curly black hair which partially covers her face. She is against a black background and wears a black top.

I am a Deaf Iranian artist.

My work explores the barriers I encounter in everyday life, being Deaf, female and a refugee. I communicate through my artworks, combining feminism and cultural politics. My aim is that my jewellery has a story. As both an artist and a narrator, I depict the wearer's character through the jewellery I make. The primary material that I use to create jewellery is human hair, though recently I have been exploring ceramic materials.

After completing my MA at Birmingham City University in 2017, I became a political refugee as my work, ‘The Politics of Voice; The Tale of Tresses’ directly challenged the patriarchal society in Iran.

I was recently offered one of four commissions by ArtReach for Journey’s International Festival to produce a performance art film for JFl 2020.

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