Lost Voice Guy



Lee Ridley, who performs under the name Lost Voice Guy, is an award-winning British standup comedian. As a result of complications of cerebral palsy, Ridley is unable to speak (thus his stage name). To perform, he pre-programs his routines into a voice synthesizer in his tablet computer, and selects material based on audience reaction; he will also occasionally improvise new material onstage, entering it into the synthesizer in realtime.

Ridley began performing in 2012, in the aftermath of an encounter with Ross Noble in which he challenged the quality of Noble's impersonation of Stephen Hawking. He subsequently had a successful show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, although its run was cut short when he developed pneumonia.

Before taking up comedy full-time in May 2015, Ridley worked as an online content manager for the city of Sunderland.

In 2014, Ridley won the BBC Radio New Comedy Awards and in June 2018 he won the 12th series of Britain's Got Talent.

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