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Laurence Clark is a critically-acclaimed stand-up comedian. His shows combine observational and political stand-up routines with hidden camera footage in order to demonstrate the endearing naivety and ridiculousness of human behaviour by seeing the world through Laurence's eyes and using humour and warmth to show us how we behave.

With television appearances on BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, ITV1 and Channel 4, comedian, presenter and comedy writer Laurence Clark has also topped Shortlist magazine’s Britain's Ten Funniest New Comedians.

Highly regarded for his solo shows, his most recent show received 8 4-star reviews, with high praise including “makes Chris Morris look lightweight. Dangerously funny." The Scotsman

His first show, The All-Star Charity Show, won critical acclaim at Edinburgh Fringe in 2003. The show was named Critics' Choice in The Times and Laurence was described as a "powerful comedy voice" and "stunningly hard-hitting" by critic Kate Copstick in The Scotman's round-up of the best of the fringe. Subsequent shows he has taken to Edinburgh Fringe include The Jim Davidson Guide to Equality, where Laurence responded to comic Jim Davidson cancelling a show because wheelchair users were in his audience by doing a comedy show which he vowed to cancel if Jim turned up in his audience! In Jim Fixed It for Me he tried to come to terms with having appeared on Jim’ll Fix It as a child and not getting a Jim’ll Fix It badge. His next show, 12% Evil took its title from the many famous villains who were portrayed as disabled in order to make them seem sinister and evil; e.g, Richard III, Long John Silver, Captain Hook, Dr Strangelove... Finally his latest controversial show, Spastic Fantastic followed Laurence’s attempts to reclaim ‘spastic’ as someone with cerebral palsy through stand-up comedy and hidden camera stunts.

Follow Laurence on Twitter @Laurence_Clark

Laurence Clark: Self-Directed Support in the USA mini-documentary


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