Kevin French


I have cerebral palsy, i appear severely disabled with a bad speech problem. I’m a contemporary dancer, life model, performance artist and have just completed a masters in performance training, focusing on disability, nudity and beyond.

I am completely in charge of my mental faculties – I live a very independent life for someone “disabled”. I like to socialise – I’m out every day on my own shopping and meeting people. I graduated from University with a contemporary dance degree in 2014 and 2018 a masters. Although I’m confident, I’m an understanding caring and compassionate person, never demanding and very trustworthy. I do have a ‘young’ outlook on life; I will stay out all night, in the right company and have flown ALONE to Australia, India and Africa! I always have a thirst for knowledge! In the nineties I ran for parliament, I’m a life long Liverpool fanatic and modern technology allows me to DJ professionally.

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