Deborah Ajia

A painting in soft, warm tones of a young black woman with long brown hair, asleep on her side in a field

London-born artist Deborah Ajia has been creating art for the last 20 years. Dabbling in digital processes and traditional methods, her work reflects the multifaceted aspects of black womanhood, simplistic beauty and daydreaming. Her recent work has touched on nature and the fragility of flora and fauna. She is also heavily influenced by fantasy imagery and Japanese animation. 

Fostering togetherness and collaboration between different communities and generations is important to Deborah. She is an avid volunteer at South London Cares and Incredible Edible. She believes in the power of sharing stories and intergenerational learning, which can become even more rewarding when play, art and experimentation are added into the mix.

She is thrilled to be part of the Pen Pals Connected project, to collaborate with the chosen artists, to experiment and discuss accessibility in the art world and beyond. 

Pen Pals

Deborah Ajia is among the fantastic cohort of international artists selected for our British Council-supported 'Pen Pals' project. Experience her painting below contributed to our DaDaFest International 2022 showcase of participating artists' work, and click here to find out about the other artists in her cohort.


A nude painting of a black woman kneeling down and facing away against a white canvas background

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