Chronic Insanity


Chronic insanity's logo, which is the words 'chronic insanity' on a black background, semi-obscured by a white grid

Chronic Insanity is a Nottingham based theatre company that creates and facilitates live events in a variety of traditional, found, and digital spaces.

They make work accessibly, affordably, sustainably, and inclusively. They seek to change the definition of what theatre can be by playing with form, genre, medium, and technology. They follow Staging Change guidelines, actively provide opportunities for theatre makers from all backgrounds, and record how each production is made so people can learn from them.

They can often be found running the UK's first dedicated digital theatre literary department, managing their Nottingham based arts venue, The Void, and staging at least 12 shows every 12 months.

Their show 24, 23, 22 was programmed as part of DaDaFest International 2022.

24, 23, 22 - show credits

Written by Doug Deans
Directed by Joe Strickland
Dramaturgy by Kathleen O'Dougherty

Fran - Ruth Page
Brendon - Joe Matty
Musician - Joe Strickland


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