Budi Dharma – Butong


An Indonesian man in a greyish flannel shirt pictured in profile looking pensively at something. He wears a black PPE mask

Meet DaDaFest International Festival 2022 participating artist, Butong:

"I am a disabled person based in Yogyakarta who has worked for almost 15 years for the arts and disability movement. personally or together with the organization have carried out various projects at national and international levels."

Pen Pals

Butong is among the fantastic cohort of international artists selected for our British Council-supported 'Pen Pals' project. Experience his contributions to our showcase of participating artists' work for DaDaFest International Festival 2022 below, or click here to find out about his full cohort.


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DaDaFest International Summer contributions:

Outdoor mural on a blue wall showing a variety of annotated illustrations of people, nature and places, all connected to one another by wavy lines. At the centre is a globe from which a giant tree grows, flanked by birds on each side with a rainbow between them.


Surreal painting of a giant Red Dragon Fish emerging from a gaping hole that seems to have opened up in a blue sky. Various origami objects float either side of it.


A street-art style image showing a sinister, faceless figure obscuring his head with a grinning pig mask. It offers a hand out to an affronted Indonesian man.


More career history:

Organisation : 

2020-Now : Head of Jogja Disability Arts, Yogyakarta 

2009-2019 : Head of Difabel and Friends Community, Yogyakarta 


2022 - Mural collaboration with Disability Mural, Cardiff, Wales, UK and Jogja Disability Arts, Yogyakarta, ID 

- Artist collaboration exhibition Artjog 2022, Nano Warsono (artist non disability) and Jogja Disability Arts, Yogyakarta (on progres project) 

- Exhibition Drawing “Ambabar Gambar”, Yogyakarta 

2021 : - Curator and chairman of the exhibition Jogja International Disability Arts Biennale, Yogyakarta 

- Research and Development Inclusion Art, Ketemu Project, Bali 

- Collaboration of Indonesian and UK artist murals in Connection Trough Culture, British Council 

2020 : - Art Exhibition FreeDom, Bangun Jiwo Art Dome, Yogyakarta 

- Artist Drawing Festival #1, Gallery RJ. Katamsi, Yogyakarta 

2019 : - Disability Art Learning DADAFEST, Liverpool, England


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