DaDa x Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

DaDa x Royal Liverpool Philharmonic brings together 5 young disabled musicians from the DaDa Ensemble (DDE) and 5 young musicians from the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (LPYO) to collaborate on a new piece of music by established composer Tim Jackson.

Who's involved?
Sessions are led by Tim Jackson and DaDa lead musicians Jon Herring and Georgina Aasgaard. The 10 young musicians, Jackson and facilitators collaborate in weekly workshops at the Friary, a Philharmonic recording venue situated in West Everton.  

How does it work?
A series of 10 weekly workshops began in June 2021, with the aim being to compose a brand new piece of music based on both the musical and social aspects of the collaboration. The project will culminate in a live special performance at the Philharmonic Music Rooms.

The process grew out of our ‘Knowledge Sharing Sessions’ at the Philharmonic venue between Philharmonic and DaDaFest staff and the facilitators Jon Herring and Georgina Aasgaard, as well as Tim Jackson. Our ambition is that this pilot project could be expanded in future years to include broader collaborations.

Why do we need it?
Primarily, the project provides an opportunity for the disabled and non-disabled musicians, facilitators and composer to work together to share ideas, knowledge and create new work. All of the musicians in the workshops and performance are from uniquely different music background, so have lots to learn from each other!

On a wider scale, the project's aim is that the delivery team and partnership organisations gain knowledge, understanding and skills which will enable them to influence change within their own organisation and the wider music sector.

The project is funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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