Young DaDaFest 2011


1) Introduction
3) Event Photos
4) Audience & Performer Feedback


A colourful collage of monsters on a black background

Young DaDaFest 2011 consisted of an exhibition of work that young people produced in the workshop they attended with DaDaFest (Another Perspective and Rene Magritte). The work was exhibited at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), and was created by eight Disabled/ Deaf people aged between 13-19, inspired by the René Magritte: The Pleasure Principle exhibition at Tate Liverpool.

The young people were given a presentation by a Tate member of staff and then visited the exhibition, before producing their own work in response to the exhibition. The resulting collages are inspired by Magritte’s use of objects and pick up on imaginative themes important to the young people. Large-scale collages were produced by the young people which have been photographed for this exhibition. Works included collage, painting, photography and animation. The exhibiton highlighted and celebrated the work produced in the visual arts workshops over the year.

Around 6901 people went and visited the exhibiton, and it was a huge success.


 Event Photos

 Audience & Performer feedback

“Very Interesting work” – Rebecca

“Brought a smile to my face” – MHN

“The majorette made me smile like the original one, the Another Perspective shows a great different view of the world” – Janet

“We really liked the pictures they cheered us up” – Isabelle and Ed

“Would make great postcards” – Isabelle and Ed

“Very good imagination” – Will


The exhibition and the workshops was been made possible by funding from Youth Opportunities Fund and Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales.

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