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On the 1st December as part of DaDaFest International 2010, Young DaDaFest comprised a series of unmissable performances and an awards ceremony designed to showcase and celebrate the talents of Disabled and d/Deaf young people from across Merseyside.

 Event Photos

 Review by Michelle Stubbs

Monday, 16th July saw the climax of Young DaDa calendar, Young DaDaFest, at the Black-E.  The evening showcased the talents of young people between the ages of thirteen and twenty-three in music, performance, dance and rap.

It started with a bang – specifically a ‘Brazilian Bang’- thanks to the drummers and other members of the Sandfield Samba Band.  The musical excellence continued, with bands performing hits by Mumford & Sons and The White Stripes between performances by Huyton’s Acting Up group detailing their own version of an Olympic news report and the event’s fantastic compares.

The Olympics was a common topic amongst the remaining acts, with a dance and medleys of songs based on Olympic and Paralympic themes by Redbridge High School Dance Group, Aigburth Choir and Sandfield Park Singing Group.  All performers were given feedback from the Young DaDaFest judges, Gary Dunn, Mike McCartney and Ruth Gould.

The night concluded with a performance that united five schools – a Paralympic-themed rap – which was so good that they did it twice!

Well done to all of our amazing performers for making Young DaDaFest 2012 a night to remember!

By Michelle Stubbs


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This project was funded by LVCS, AHDC and Liverpool Council Children’s Fund.

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