Voices of Value

Young people performing rap song at Young DaDaFest on the 16th July

Five Merseyside schools worked together with artist James Taylor to produce their own rap to perform at Young DaDaFest 2012.

Click here for the full version of the rap:

Voices of Value Final (Full Vocal)

We were very impressed with the quality of the lyrics for the rap so we have put them below for you to read:

Voices of Value: lyrics to rap

Bank View

You can do what you want, it’s your life
Try to eliminate trouble and strife
Show respect for your community and others
Show this way of your life to your brothers
Try hard in everything you do, don’t stop
Achieve your goals until you drop
Heroes in life will come and go
Be inspired by relatives and friends you know
It doesn’t matter about the colour of your skin
Because we are all the same within
Thank you all for taking the time
To listen to what we say in a rhyme
Sandfield Park

It takes a lot of courage to make a mistake
Carry on and you could make something great
It comes from the heart, finish what you start
You could make it into an awesome ball of art
Don’t tear it all apart, don’t limit your skill
You can reach any goal, you can climb any hill
Show your courage and face your fears
Your peers and here, wipe away your tears
Rehearsing, not reversing across the nation
This gives us a lot of inspiration
We’ve got the keys, we can open any door
Disability, ability, rich or poor

You need qualifications to fly a plane
And determination to win the game
It doesn’t really matter about your age
Start a new chapter and turn the page
Be nice, be inspired by art
Don’t be alarmed, finish what you start
Raise the roof, be wild and dance
In your funky pants, like they’re full of ants
Listen and learn, we’re not joking
Keep your mind open and your spirit in motion
Listen and learn, we’re not joking
Keep your mind open and your spirit in motion
Abbot’s Lea

I have no fear, mc g opening the front door
Standing on the stage rapping in four four
I’m living my dream, trying to inspire
My positive desire is burning like a blazing fire
I’m determined to change my attitude
To all the people that have inspired me, I show my gratitude
It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you look like
Everyone’s equal so come and grab a mic
Me (?) and MC G can’t wait for the black-e
I have determination, it makes me happy
This society today is about equality
So stop being racist and stop derogatory
Gonna work up to be a sensation
Of a rapper singer song writer with my creations
Now I’m happy everyone’s listening to me
Seriously, it enhances my bravery


I have determination, now I’m rapping world wide
From the west part of the earth to the other side
In my lyrics, I have courage and I’ve never lied
I’ve always wanted to rap, but before now I’ve never tried
In third world countries, it’s not really funny
When a kid is starving because he hasn’t got any money
Here I’m drinking water like it’s fresh air
What about the children over there?
I treat everyone with the same hyped love
I’m going to sing and dance and fly like a dove
I don’t like all of the extreme big crowds
I’m going to play in all of the big gig roads
I usually stop and stare when I’m standing on the stage
I don’t feel well, it’s like I’m in a burning cage
I’m going to take down and kill my fear
Look at me here, I’m on the top of the pier

Young people performing rap song at Young DaDaFest on the 16th July


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