DaDaLive 2012

DaDaLive was a progressive live art-form programme for Disabled/Deaf young people aged 13-19 years, from Merseyside. The programme was delivered through a partnership between Fittings Multimedia Arts, DaDaFest, and Fuse: New Theatre for Young People. DaDaLive ran for two years, to read about year one and view films of The Road We Dream On, click here.

The second year of DaDaLive finished on 21 March with a performance as a culmination of the year’s live arts workshops.

The young people produced an original play based on an adventure story about a girl who goes on a magical journey through a number of worlds. They have developed a variety of skills in creating props, sound effects as well as marketing, performing the play, dancing and music.

Young people performing DaDaLive wearing cowboy hats

three young people perform as part of DaDaLive, with monster prop    Four young people perform on stage as part of DaDaLive

DaDaLive empowered young people, through training and practical experience, to specialise in performance, production, technical or front of house roles; equipping them to pursue further training, education or employment in the creative industries.

Participants worked with professional arts performers and practitioners, gaining valuable experience in the arts. All the ideas for the workshops and productions were led by the young people and a number earned Arts Award accreditation too.

DaDaLive was made possible by funding from Big Lottery Fund, Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales, The Co-operative membership community Fund, Santander Foundation and Arts Award Access Fund. In-kind support was provided by the Bluecoat.

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