Coffin Club U3A – History and Information

History and Information

Text by the Club’s Convener:

‘This club was formed late February 2010 as University of the Third Age needed a few new groups to extend the options for its members. This subject was muted and after a deathly silence was surrounded by people who thought they would like to have a go.

Death, historically has been a rather taboo subject in many families. We have progressed slowly from a point where children were kept in the dark and certain rules and customs were strictly adhered to. Stiff upper lip, no crying especially for men and certainly no obvious signs of public grieving.

We all must die at some time.
For many of us death is something we put off talking about.
To do this, having an openness with ourselves, our families and loved ones is an important part of the process.
Our Coffin Club has given us an opportunity to talk about death amongst ourselves and loved ones.
We are not a group of dour-faced bodies, sitting about contemplating death.

Quite the opposite in fact.
We are an older group who are happy to be enjoying making decisions while learning new skills, having fun, making new friends and celebrating the positive as well as learning to speak openly about death – our death.

Hence making our underground furniture, our coffin, in advance, gives us an opportunity to face our own demise as well as to open discussion with our families. They will know how we feel and more importantly what we want for the final journey.’

‘This is Lyla.  She has made her own coffin with patience and skill.  It has the lurex material pasted over it with decos made in turquoise and green.  She was a ballroom dancer until quite recently and a very competent seamstress.

Her ball gown is to wear on her last outing.  It is made of the same material she used for her coffin.’


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