Volunteer Case Studies

Student – Work Experience

My name is Joel. I have been involved with DaDaFest for six years. I love performing and the arts. I’m helping to organise Sandfest this year which is an event that showcases the talents of pupils at Sandfield Park and is part of the fringe around Young DaDaFest 2016.

I first took part in Young DaDaFest in 2009. I have been on the young steering group since 2011 and I am now one of DaDaFest’s Young Leaders.

I have been involved in lots of projects with DaDafest including the 20 stories high workshop, DaDaLive and Recipe for Scouse.  In Recipe for Scouse we made a short film about the history and culture of Liverpool.  In Champions we created a film and rap about the barriers that young disabled people face and how positive change can be made.



Student – Work Experience
My name is Kathleen. I’m in Year 10 at school and spent my two weeks work experience placement at DaDaFest. I am currently studying for my GCSE’s that I will complete next year. I’ve always been interested in both the arts and disability and so it has been extremely interesting for me to see how both fields work together.

My two weeks at DaDaFest have mainly consisted of jobs that help others in the office, from adding new and exciting people to DaDaFest’s database, to putting papers in order and stapling them for board meetings.

I have also had the opportunity to go out of the office on occasions including going to a course that Ruth Gould was running that concentrated on disability in the workplace and going to a tour of the new Everyman theatre to see all the different spaces and rooms. Both were extremely interesting and made me realise the thought process you have to go through to work in disability arts. I also got to work with the students of Young DaDaFest for ‘Recipe for Scouse’ which I loved.  It was lovely to see how much the young people really got out of having a project like Recipe for Scouse and I learnt that I would love to work with similar young people when I’m older.

I have really enjoyed my time working at DaDaFest as it has given me an experience that has a completely different atmosphere to work in, compared to my school life. I have been able to take a lot from this from being more independent to knowing how to interact with others in the work place.



A photograph of Danielle and her support worker, working on a laptop in the office.

Student – Work Experience
“My name is Danielle and I’m in Sixth Form. I go to Sandfield Park School and I live in Liverpool. I am interested in lots of different animals, my favourite is dogs. I have three dogs at home, Sky, Haze and Danzo who are staffs and Irish blue dogs. I like to draw and paint and I am also good at singing and dancing.

I first came to DaDaFest to take part in the DaDaLive project, where I sang in the play we created. After this I took part in two Young DaDaFests in 2012 and 2013. In 2012 we went to The Black-E, we wore colourful T-shirts and sang samba music as well as Firework by Katy Perry. In 2013, we performed at Liverpool John Moores University with a Summer Medley. I like DaDaFest because it’s fun, you get to take part, learn new skills and make lots of new friends.

I like working with DaDaFest as I’d like to learn new workplace skills for when I’m older, it’s good to be in a different environment and meet older, experienced people and learn new skills from them.

I’m happy to be here and take part with everything DaDaFest does. DaDaFest has given me a lot and it would be good to give something back.”



Student – Work Experience

Sadly Lewis passed away in late 2014. We were really pleased that Lewis enjoyed his time working with us and we appreciated his efforts in all of our young peoples’ projects.

“My name is Lewis and I’m in Sixth Form.  My favourite Football team is Liverpool FC, the best team in the whole wide world! I have got 3 beautiful cats at home, Felix, Usher and Ozzy. My favourite artists are, Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden and Metallica. I love to listen to them and sing out loud too because I have the X factor.

I first experienced talented acts through DaDaFest and the DaDaLive project. This is a way for me to meet new friends from different schools around Liverpool. With DaDaFest we performed Jessie J’s song “Price Tag” and the Wanted’s song “I’m glad you came” on stage at the Bluecoat. I am able to be creative through DaDa and I made puppets for plays I have been in, for my performance I made a snake puppet.

I love working with DaDaFest because it’s a superb place to have fun by singing and dancing. I enjoy working in the awesome office with all different people. This will help me in the future as I would like to work with computers when I’m older.”


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