Blog: “My Time at DaDaFest” – Rebecca Andrews

Our resident Digital Marketing Apprentice, Rebecca Andrews, finished her apprenticeship with us earlier this month. Below she recounts the past 15 months and what lies in store for her next!

“I have been the Digital Marketing Apprentice at DaDaFest for over 15 months. During my time here, I have been fortunate enough to see many amazing, insightful and thought provoking events such as The inaugural Rushton Social Justice Lecture, Unsung, Young DaDaFest 2016 and of course, DaDaFest International 2016. During this time I have managed to also complete my BTEC and NVQ Qualifications at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

What I love about DaDaFest is that no two days are ever the same. It always gives me a chance to experience so much and I always have opportunities to be creative and share new ideas with industry professionals.

I have learnt so much from DaDaFest and have gained a unique insight into how an arts organisation works. I could not be prouder to have worked for DaDaFest, an organisation that is making a real difference changing perceptions of disability through the work they do. I have learnt technical skills, analytical skills, how to work within a team and work on large events like the festival. I have been challenged more than I could ever imagine, but this has brought me to be more independent, confident, and ask an awful lot more questions!

Working with the DaDaFest team has been wonderful, as every person there is so talented and passionate about their job. I have always been welcome to ask any questions about Marketing, DaDaFest, the business or even arts organisations in general and have been fortunate to learn so much from them. I can only look forward to working with them in a different environment to see what changes this may bring.

For a young person looking to pursue the same line of work, I’d tell them… That apprenticeships are a brilliant way of starting a career if you don’t want to go to university or aren’t sure what exactly you want to do. I came into this apprenticeship with virtually no knowledge in the course I do, and when I leave I will have the equivalent to an A-Level in Marketing as well as a wealth of experience that other people my age simply wouldn’t have access to.

I will be transitioning into a new role as Personal Assistant to DaDaFest’s Artistic Director Ruth Gould MBE, working mainly Tuesdays and Thursdays starting in February. I am delighted to see what this next step will bring me and look forward to any challenges it will bring…”


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