DaDaFest BSL Video

Julia Keenan


“I have known both the staff and board for some years now and value all their commitment, passion and resilience in producing a fantastic festival and organisation which is unique in supporting the lives of disabled and Deaf people. I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to continue to support this work as Vice Chair of DaDaFest.”

Trustee of DaDaFest since 2013, and formerly DaDaFest’s Relationship Manager with Arts Council England.

Julia is currently working as a freelance artist and Arts Consultant in the arts and cultural sector, specialising in inclusive practice.  She finished her MA in Fine Art and Culture at Sheffield Hallam University in 2004. Julia uses her knowledge and experience in equality, diversity and disability practice to open up more opportunities to Deaf and disabled people, artists, families and communities.

Why do you like being a Board Member for DaDaFest?

“DaDaFest is a unique organization led by disabled and Deaf people, creating art and cultural experiences that are innovative, relevant and challenging. As a trained professional artist, I look for high caliber artistic collaborations alongside a sense of social justice both nationally and Internationally.  DaDaFest delivers this in spades.”

 What are your hopes for the future of Disability and Deaf Arts?

“The quality of the art and its relevance is key to its success as an arts movement. I would hope there is more understanding of ‘disability’ as a political and social landscape among the general population and everyone connects with the DaDaFest values of inclusivity, creativity and social justice.”

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