Daphne Does Good at DaDaFest

Exclusive News: Agony Aunt, Daphne will be the very, very special guest at DaDaFest’s Past, Present & Possibilities at the Bluecoat on 22nd September [5.00pm – 8.00pm plus bar..] Daphne writes:

Hello to all you lovely DaDaFest people!
So let me introduce myself. I’m Daphne the Disability Arts On-line Agony Aunt and I’m going to be at DaDaFest on Friday 22nd September as part of the Bluecoat 300 Celebrations.

Why not come along? And let me turn all your worries and woes into bright pink bows!

What are my qualifications?
Now it’s true that I cannot claim to be different, not in the way that most of you reading this can, but be reassured that I have been giving people with difference advice for many, many years. Couple this with my monthly subscription to guide-dogs and my up-to-date First Aide qualification, and I guarantee you won’t need to go to anyone else to get the answers you need.
Why DaDaFest?
Well I’m on a bit of a mission! More and more people seem to assume that you all want and are happy to be described as Disabled. But personally, I really hate the term. There’s nothing positive about it! So, I thought I’d start by encouraging you to kick the Social Model into touch and come up with some new twenty first century terms of your own. After all, we’re in a post-modernist era and you don’t need to identify in the same way – you can basically call yourselves what you like!
What about Distinctive Walkers, or Marvellous Movers, or even Gradient Gliders for those with mobility impairments. We could try White Stick Waltzers, or Braille Bruisers for the visually impaired. Why not create Hip-hop Hand Talkers, or Hearing Aid Heroes to describe Deaf People? And what about ditching hidden impairments and adopting Not So Normal instead?

Write to Daphne at DaDaFest – : please email ruthg@dadafest.co.uk and put Dear Daphne in the subject line.
Daphne will be answering all your letters on Friday. If you do this before the end of Wednesday 20th September your email or letter will be read out.

In the meantime – you can follow Daphne by clicking on this little link


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