Young DaDaFest

Young DaDaFest encourages and empowers disabled and deaf young people through creativity. Over 2000 young people have taken part in creative projects and training including visual arts, performance, creative writing and film-making.

Young people make key decisions on the running of Young DaDaFest and nurture their skills through our Leadership groups.

DaDaFest provides many opportunities for young people throughout the year including offering Arts Award accreditation. We also celebrate the work of the young people at Young DaDaFest. If you would like to know more, or have any ideas or questions we would be happy to talk to you about the programme and how you can get involved, contact or the office.

  • Young DaDaFest 2016

    Young DaDaFest 2016

    In July 2016, we hosted our biggest ever Young DaDaFest. Check out photos, feedback and tweets from the event as well as our annual yearbook! Video highlights also coming soon.
    Read more about Young DaDaFest 2016
  • Four Words Project

    Four Words Project

    FOUR WORDS was one of the Liverpool Provocations, a series of four new public-realm artworks for Liverpool city centre that took place during the January 2016 sales season. DaDaFest featured four quotes as part of the project.
    Read more about Four Words Project
  • Young DaDaFest 2015

    Young DaDaFest 2015

    Take a look at our Young DaDaFest 2015 round up featuring photos, an event film, feedback and this year's Yearbook!
    Read more about Young DaDaFest 2015
  • Young DaDa Ensemble

    Young DaDa Ensemble

    Young DaDa Ensemble is the expansion of a successful pilot project to deliver accessible music-based activities to 70 young people in Liverpool over a period of two years.
    Read more about Young DaDa Ensemble
  • How to be Creative with Words

    How to be Creative with Words

    Creative writing doesn't always mean putting pen to paper. Local writer Roger Cliffe-Thompson and other professional writers will guide budding wordsmiths in this project, using words to create poems, songs and stories.
    Read more about How to be Creative with Words
  • SLiCE


    From April to July 2015 we ran a partnership project with Everyman & Playhouse and SLiCE (Curious Minds) a group of young people met weekly to create a piece of drama based on their responses from watching a Midsummers Nights Dream at the Everyman.
    Read more about SLiCE
  • The Champions Project

    The Champions Project

    The Champions is a project run by and for young disabled people in Merseyside. The project saw a group of young people visit various venues across the Liverpool City region to review their quality of access as well as various other criteria including the facilities on offer and even how friendly they were.
    Read more about The Champions Project
  • Young People’s Leadership Group

    Young People’s Leadership Group

    Creative young minds and future leaders work with DaDaFest to make decisions and organise our annual Young DaDaFest event and young people’s programme. The groups work alongside the DaDaFest team and other arts professionals to develop ideas for our programme, projects and events.
    Read more about Young People’s Leadership Group
  • Recipe for Scouse

    Recipe for Scouse

    Liverpool is a city of rich culture and heritage. But what does it mean to be a young person growing up in this city? DaDaFest is pleased to announce we have been awarded Heritage Lottery funding (HLF) for an exciting project called Recipe for Scouse: the heritage ingredients of our unique Liverpool identity.
    Read more about Recipe for Scouse
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